Meeting called to order at 10:00 Arizona Time by our President Jim Steinmetz
Health & Welfare Brief report on member Terry Ryan’s condition.
Minutes if Previous Meeting not available at this time.
Treasurer,s report. Not available, Treasurer absent.
OLD Buisness. Report not available at this time.1
1. Discussion about Router and Laptop connection of microphone for future meeting.
2.VP Steve Wagner made request for club to sponsor Wednesday Night 7 PM 6 meter
net 50.140 frequency. Request for a motion, motion made and seconded, motion
carried. Also a separate request for a motion to give permission to VP Wagner to
change Club’s website to accomplish this. Motion made and seconded, motion
3. Discussion on the this Clubs season’s schedule. Need for presentations by club
members. Keep it simple. Doesn’t have to be complex or lengthy.
4.Prayer request for conflict in Israel that is happening at this time.
5. Discussion about money in the Club’s Treasury to do the most good. Nothing
decided a this time.
6. Discussion about Clubs Calendar of events. Has Organ Pipe Pizza been contacted
for annual party?
7. Reminder of Club member Art Hoffman W7ART memorial Service on November 18th
at Elkslodge.
Story Time. Kidnapped in Tiland by Terry W7RNF.
Joke Time By Bill Maynard
50/50 $23.00 won by “OH NOT AGAIN” $11.50 for Club Treasury $ 11.50 for WEARB.
Approximately 10:44 Meeting adjourned
Attended by Number of Members


By Roy Gager KD9WRC