Meeting called to order at 10:00 A.M. by our President James Steinmetz.  He introduced
the Clubs elected Officers one by one
Ask the six People returning to area please Introduce yourselves.
Health and Welfare  Tom Davis is in the hospital.  Please keep him in your prayers.
Comments about the memorial for Art Hoffman.  What a friendly good person he was.
He surely will be missed.
On Saturday December 9th, 2023 at 9:30 a.m  Venture Out Ham Radio Club, we will be honoring the memory of our late cherished member Bob Bingham.
Announcement of Terry Ryan’s passing.  Services not known at this time.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting were read.  Motion to accept the Minutes was made,
Seconded.  Motion carried.
Treasurer Report  Read.  Motion to accept the report as read was made, Seconded, Motion carried.
Old Business  Discussion about Christmas Party on December 17th at Organ Pipe Pizza.  Motion made and seconded for Club will pay for spouses of Silent Key.  Motion carried.   Club will pay $3 for attending current club members signed up to attend.
New Business  
Volunteers needed for Treasurer Audit.  Judy and Tony
Nominating Committee needed.  Judy, Tony, Dave Gardner
Finance Audit Committee.  Anna, Chuck, Sue Rogers
Equipment Audit.  Glen and Doug.
Motion made to change the the Club’s scholarship fund to the Bob Bingham Memorial Fund.  Motion seconded.  Motion Carried.
Discussion on the Titan Missle Museum annual visit on Thursday after Christmas.
Changes to the Constitution and Bi-laws


    Per request from the Club’s Treasurer to have a more accurate and current 
    Club Officers are requesting changes to Club Constitution as follows,
    Change the Constitution to read.  The monthly business meeting will fall on the first 
    Monday of the month instead of the third Monday.  Unless that Monday is a Holiday,
    Then it will be on the following Monday of that month. 


    Change to Bi-Law Article 4.  When newly elected Club Officers assume duties.
    Instead of instantly,  Move to the next Business Meeting.  This gives a learning 
    Change the vote from March to December.  This is so the newly elected officers take  
    over their duties in January of the New Year.
Some discussion why it is thought these changes will be beneficial to our Club.
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Explanation of ARL’s Skywarn Recongition Day on December 2nd, 2023 in Newsletter.
Classes on line.  by Hugh
50/50 had $51.00 total.  $25.50 for the Bob Bingham Memorial Fund.  And $25.50 won by Tony K7AJF
31 People in Attendance
Motion to Adjourn at 11.02 a.m.  Motion seconded,  Motion Carried