Business Meeting Minutes

18 April 2022


Meeting held at Greenfield Village and also via ZOOM provided by Doc Cunningham began 1003 conducted by Vice President Jim Hood.


Returning/New Members-- Kris is new member, 2nd meeting and going back to Minnesota for summer returning in October.

Leaving Bill going to Kawai for week—will have radio and be on 18.1575, Buddypole activity group


Health and welfare? Tom G reports that Az Jerry back in Mississippi after traveling to father's funeral. Minimal damage from recent storms. Bob B reports going in for ablation on Wednesday.


AnnouncementsPresident Towers reports that he has copy of club call sign license and all is good. Summer Rag Chew on Zoom (via Doc Cunningham) Monday afternoons at 1300 local time.


Minutes of February business meeting read by Chuck Rogers, Secretary. Motion by Terry L and Seconded by Hugh to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED


Treasurer's Report read by Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. Motion by Jim S, WX7G, and Seconded by Bill, W7ZT, to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED


New Business-- Motion by Pres. Towers-- Donate $100 from Education Fund to QSOmaps to help support website which was created from suggestion of club member. Second by Cheri, Motion Passed.

Motion by Tom G --reimburse President Towers approximately $35 for audio interface box to facilitate zoom audio. Second by Cheri. Motion Passed.


Discussion—generate interest in Amateur Radio in community. Doc volunteered to write grant—needs ideas to request grant money. Grants available from ARRL (we are not an affiliated club) and ARCA. We need face to face contact with schools (administration and students) to generate interest. Invite government leaders to VO special club meeting? Set up portable station at school during off time (lunch, other?) Bill Maynard volunteered. The park is next to a HS—extend invitation when we have something set up on Thursday (STEM activity). Can put suggestions on Website?? Mike Sager will investigate. Manager appointment for Twitter account?? Club Facebook Group?? Need Social Media Coordinator. Terry LaDuke volunteered to help “dormant hams” to check out their equipment on one/one basis next season. What can club do to prepare for emergency service? We should be more involved in preparation, not be a hobby club. Need new program ideas. Can distribute info on flyers?

Room where we held meeting today too small for regular meetings, however nice to have snacks and drinks available. There were 8 qualified weather spotter members in attendance.


Drawings: 50/50 – $9.50 WY7TG, Tom Goforth


Meeting Adjourned 1101

Attendance-- 20 in person, 9 on zoom = 29 persons


Respectfully submitted--Chuck Rogers, Acting Secretary